Man Gives Cheating Girlfriend the Ultimate Birthday Surprise She Would Never Forget (WATCH)


When an unidentified man learned that his girlfriend was cheating on him, after 10 years of long love relationship.

They met during there school time since going to the same local school during there small days.Then they become close friends and couldn’t live with out each other and after been close friends they become love birds.

She was the cutest girl on that school and guess what everyone else was trying to win her heart. But only one guy could do it i guess you already know, Yes your correct her best friend.

After some years spend by he saw something was missing on there relationship and she started changing with out no reasons. This got him so badly and he was searching and he found out that she’s meeting one of his friends regularly without even informing him and he was broken to peaces.

He still couldn’t believe this so he wanted to caught her red handily. So he started following her secretly to the local mall where she’s seen her new date. And he couldn’t believe his eyes , there hugging each other and started walking to the movie hall.

He was broken so badly and started crying . He never thought and expect the women she love to do something like this. He started sobbing and he was crying. While he was on his way home,

He was so upset and didn’t know what to do so suddenly he remembered that her birthday is coming very soon he decided to give her a birthday surprise she wouldn’t forget.

This guy is so nice and still love her even though she’s cheating on him secretly. And finally the day arrived,

In the footage, the man can be seen leading his “be blindfolded” girlfriend through their house while singing the “Happy Birthday” song. He constantly reminds her not to peek as he leads her to a room where the big reveal would happen.

Poor girl didn’t know whats happening she had no idea what she gonna face.

When they finally reach the room, the excited woman was dumbfounded to see all her belongings boxed up. Obviously, it meant she had to go and leave.

Puzzled by what she received for her birthday, the woman asked her boyfriend why he packed all her stuff an she looks confused.

She thought there going on a trip to Europe.As you can see on the clip she looked so surprise and happy.

And the guy reply by breaking her heart “Because’’ I busted you cheating on me,” sand she was so upset not because he’s leaving her only because she’s not going on a trip to Europe.

Watch the video below: